Swiss Racing Academy

Precision in all details

Two years ago, a new and exciting chapter began: former Swiss professional cyclist Pirmin Lang and entourage started to turn a matter of the heart into reality with the Swiss Racing Academy.

Their declared goal: the systematic, holistic development of a Swiss elite training and racing structure for upcoming Swiss cycling talents. Unlike many in sport, the Swiss Racing Academy - in short: SRA - is not exclusively concerned with pure performance, top placings and commercial success, but with the long-term development of its members, also beyond the bicycle.

The main sponsors, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen and the high-end bicycle manufacturer BMC of Switzerland underline the claim by providing the team with essential support, shared values and expertise exchanges. No surprise that the team has continued to cause a sensation within the UCI Continental Europe Tour with winning both national championships and Swiss National Cup for the second consecutive year.

CUORE of Switzerland is proud to be part of this project and to accompany Team SRA as a technical apparel partner.

Stefan Bisseger

Jonathan Bögli

Ruben Eggenberg

Gian Friesecke

Benoit Guinchard

Raphael Krähemann

Damian Lüscher

Yves Luetolf

Fabian Paumann

Matthias Reutimann

Lukas Rüegg

Timon Rüeg

Reto Müller

Mauro Schmid

Cyrille Thiéry

Alex Vogel

All products shown and all equipment used by SRA match what all our CUSTOM customers can order for their team. If you are ready to feel like a pro on a bike, please contact us here:

All images courtesy of Swiss Racing Academy

Photographer: Tyler Haab