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Mallorca, Tenerife, Grand Canary, Calpe - all names well known to cycling enthusiasts and all excellent regions for cycling, but none has made it to so much popularity in such a short time as the Catalan city of Girona. Quite right! And there’s a very special couple who play a decisive role in this.

Along with their passion for the small details and emphasis on luxury, retired professional cyclist Christian Meier, his wife Amber and their team are giving you a world class cycling experience. Their brands, La Fabrica, Espresso Mafia , and The Service Course will make Girona feel like your second home while you experience a trip that will leave you planning your next visit before you even catch your flight home.

Their vision continues to grow and through existing friendships and new alliances, The Service Course (TSC) family is now also found in England, Norway and Italy. It is an exciting journey and a good time for us to present our contribution.

Inspired by the mark cyclists know all too well after a long and hot summer – the tan line – this is the official, The Service Course kit. A classic amongst their range and with world-wide recognition, these tops will remind you of your visit to Girona or inspire you through the winter months and give you the push you need to make it through to summer; the time when tan lines are in full working order! They excel in performance with it’s race level quality, but also stand out at even the busiest of coffee stops!

TSC bib shorts are heavily based on the team’s personal preference, and that's why they look for the best. The Service Course bib shorts are made to look and feel just as good as you do, regardless of distance or speed. With function-specific materials in all the right places, the bib shorts focus on comfort, performance and of course, style. Perfect for riding long distance, short distance or just over to La Fabrica.

Hardly anyone knows about the super limited team-only version of the famous design, but for a shop that offers so many custom bikes, it is only natural that there is also a bespoke team kit. Styled with two of the most favorite items from our world tour pro-level approved Gold series, we’re proud to showcase them here for the first time.


When Christian arrived home after competing at Tour de France, he and Amber asked themselves what the next step in their lives would be. Christian had completed all of the races he'd ever wanted to do and his knowledge and passion for coffee was growing stronger and stronger. Amber and Christian had met in a cafe so the next step was clear for them to see... 'Let's open a cafe in Girona!'

Christian’s passion for coffee and Amber’s non stop love of people, as well as their dedication to give their customers the best will bring you to La Fabrica for the first time and continue to hook you back - it's many a cyclist and local's second home!

It’s only natural, that the La Fabrica cycling kit is made with their coffee shop riders in mind. With a more relaxed fit, the lightweight jersey is the perfect everyday jersey which will casually remind you that the best way to start and finish a ride is at La Fabrica.

The La Fabrica Long Sleeve Jersey has been done to keep riders warm on chilly winter rides (Eventually, that’s a possibility in Girona…) This one has a great snug fit, just because its cold doesn't mean you can't go fast.


La Fabrica was a huge hit. The people of Girona were very excited to experience something new, people from Australia and North America were thrilled to find a place that did coffee like they have back home (double shot, fresh milk, 18 grams) and soon they had cyclists, students, tourists, locals. To their own humble amazement, everyone was pouring through the doors!

With such strong demand in good coffee, the couple realised it was time to expand. Thus was born Espresso Mafia! The smell of the freshly roasted coffee was the best and easiest advertisement they could have ever asked for. Today, they supply coffee for cafes here in Girona as well as internationally to Jakarta, Portland and Vienna.

Showcased in the 2016 Redhook Crit to be the ultimate race jersey it’s the perfect choice when every second counts and only the most aero will do. Available in Royal Blue and Crisp White, this jersey was designed to go fast, look good and win races and it does just that! Available as Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey for those winter rides too.

The dyed-through royal blue bib short had everyone going crazy when it came out and it’s an eye-catcher wherever you stop by for a ride or a coffee.

“Fantastic product, fast turnaround and great customer service”

Christian Meier – The Service Course Girona about CUORE of Switzerland

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All images courtesy of The Service Course, La Fabrica, Espresso Mafia

All product images by CUORE of Switzerland, except La Fabrica and The Service Course Long Sleeve Jerseys courtesy of The Service Course Girona